Under Employment Blues

I have been staring at this computer screen off and on for the past several days. Although I have missed having an outlet to bounce my feelings off of, my updates are quite lackluster and I am a little ashamed. I have been away for a while—supposedly off to some wondrous quest to find some type of meaning of life and happiness. What did I come up with?

Um…truthfully…much of nothing. Sorry but even my thoughts of grandeur could not turn these stubborn lemons into fresh squeezed crowd pleasing lemonade. Those lemons instead stayed on my kitchen counter, festered and withered like a raisin in the sun. Langston Hughes would be so proud of that analogy…nah…probably not.

Well, I did get a job.

Um…not so quick people. Put the balloons, confetti and party blowers away!

I did not like the job but they were one of the few companies that called me back. I bombed some interviews and out of sheer desperation, I took the job. I did not even have to interview for it! WINNING! And just like that, life in Severely Unemployed Town began once again. Just as I got used to this habitual and miserable complacency, something surprising happened.

I got terminated—today as a matter of fact. The company claimed it was due to a credit check which is confusing to me. My credit has been good lately. It has been so good that I have acquired credit cards again. That has not happened since my mid 20s! They also claimed that the background company sent me a letter last month. I never received a damn letter!

After 3 years of unemployment due to a company layoff, a series of bad interviews, and not knowing what to do with my damn life, I really thought I was on a road that led to somewhere. Now the grueling task of finding new employment is upon me sooner than expected. It scares me. I want to shit myself. I want to hide under my freaking blanket.

More updates to come…


Randomness: Vent & Reader’s Questions

Well, it seems like I’ve been missing in action. This is true. I’ve been going through the ringer my friends. And how do I deal with such stress? I run and hide like a lil’ bitch.

On top of that, my car was stolen. Yes. Some idiot stole my car! Wow. I must have missed the memo that said that 1996 Honda Accords were suddenly all the rage and a must have steal.

It happened a few days after I met the guy from OkCupid. Seeing him has been a challenge since then because he also doesn’t have a vehicle. Sigh. I’m not in the position to save or lease another car right now because everything goes to bills. Double sigh. Enough with the sighing and venting…

From time to time, I get questions about The Ones I discuss on this blog. I guess I can take the time to answer them now since I apparently have nothing else to talk about.

1. What ever happened to Soothe? Soothe and I still chat from time to time. He’s still with the chick he met last summer that he kicked me to the curb for. He told me earlier this year that she was the one.

2. Are you still messing around with Lied? Nope. I haven’t seen him late Feburary but that doesn’t stop him from trying to see me again aka bump uglies. I’m over the back and forth with him anyway. It never has or will go anywhere. Should’ve learnt that lesson in 2002.

3. Have you talked to or seen Text? No. From what I gathered, he is definitely back with his ex and may have gotten someone pregnant during their separation. Thank goodness it wasn’t me! Good luck to her. She’s gonna need it.