Random Thoughts 11-20

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11.  I have a hard time saying no. I really hate that about myself.

12. When is Fiona Apple coming out with a new album?

13. I haven’t written poetry in months. I try to but I always end up questioning my lines.

14. I want to be kissed. Just kissed, nothing else.

15. Will I be single forever?

16. Will I end up like that cat lady on The Simpsons?  Throwing cats and shit?

17. LOL @ #16

18. -20. Mind farts


Random Thoughts 1-10

  1. I will admit, I am lonely. A “wish my vibrator morphed into a man” lonely. A “listen to my neighbors screw” lonely. A “fantasize about the UPS guy” lonely. A lonely kind of lonely.
  2. I watched “Serendipity” today and wondered how lovely it would be if the man I loved searched for me a decade later.
  3. I am sick of people asking if I am my sisters mother. They are a year and 8 months younger than me. Do I look that fucking old?!
  4. I am sick of Houston. Or maybe I am just sick of  this lifetime. And no, I am not contemplating suicide.
  5. I wish Pablo Neruda’s love poems were about me. They are so romantic.
  6. I made a pregnancy pact with my friend. The plan was to deliver the babies on 11-11-11. I highly doubt that will happen.
  7. I got my laptop out the pawn shop. Expect more senseless blogs.
  8. I do not like the fact that some of the women I know live with men who contribute NOTHING to the household. Well…except maybe penis.
  9. I used my tax refund to get a treadmill. Why did I buy it? I honestly could not afford it. But I do need to get my sexy back…whatever that means.
  10. I am sick of creeps inboxing  sexual innuendoes via Facebook. I am not your cyber whore!

That is all for now. 11-20 manana! Feel free to post your random thoughts. I know you have some.