Mini Matchmaker

For the past few months my 10 year-old niece has been on a quest to match me up with someone. First it was a guy that was helping my sis and her boyfriend move to their new house. When I arrived to help pack up boxes she told me (as she fluttered her eyes) “I need for you to put on some makeup, fix your hair, and brush your teeth.” Huh? Brush my teeth?

(Sidenote: I’m assuming she meant whiten instead of brushing. I always brush my teeth y’all. Let’s make that ish clear. Ha!)

My sister looks at her and said, “She’s trying to hook you up with the moving guy.”

All I could do was laugh.

My profile has been hidden for months on POF. When they sent a notification that I had a new message I simply ignored it. One day I decided to log in because I was bored. My niece sent the following message to some random dude:

2015-12-04 01.31.28 (2)

Using “won’t” instead of “want” made me cringe more than anything.

My mouth dropped. I checked out his profile anyway but I didn’t feel like we had anything in common but I didn’t want to leave him hanging waiting on a date so…

2015-12-04 01.31.28 (3)

I talked to my niece about it. In the end I found it quite hilarious that she has more cajones than I do but she definitely needs to stay in a child’s place. I think she’s trying to help a chronically single sista out. The other day she told me that she wants me to have babies even if it’s through adoption because she doesn’t want me to be alone. I wanted to cry like a big ass baby after she said that.

It’s World Poetry Day. Read my Sucky Poem!

Today is World Poetry Day and I couldn’t be more excited. I love poetry! I’ve been sharing some of many of my favorite poems on social media all day long.

I decided to share one of my poems on my blog. Several years I ago, I wrote a manuscript during one of my manic phases about the passion and unrequited love I experienced with The One Who Didn’t Feel the Same. It was nearly 8,000 words. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. HeĀ felt quite the opposite though. Years later I can see why I would probably be freaked out too if someone handed me 70+ pages about their feelings about me. Yikes!

I won’t bore you with 8,000 words though. I’ll just share an excerpt in honor of World Poetry Day. Try to enjoy!


I want to caress you
With the flesh of my words
Until you are found naked
Breathless in the midst of them
And too overwhelmed to read the next line

I want to push you
Against the wall of my words
Pin your arms down
And brush them against you
Whisper sweet nothings in your ear
Deprive you of your sight
And trace each letter across your lips

I want to straddle you
With its heated secretions
Wrap my words around your waist
Use my thighs as a guide
And grind them into your thoughts
Until you render a response

Thrust your eyes against my pages
And tremble with passion
Repeat with me in unison
Until you unequivocally surrender
To my doctrine
Thumb across my words
And land into my mouth
Kiss my impatient lips…