These Damn Fibroids (Part II)

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

So I got my ultrasound results. Here are some of the notes regarding these damn fibroids:

“A fundal subserosal fibroid measures 4.2 x 3.9 x 3.5 cm. A fundal fibroid anteriorly measures 2.1 x1.2 x 2.1 cm. A large fibroid to the left side measures 7 x 5 x 5.2 cm…”


So I basically have fibroids the size of a plum, grape, and baseball!

 And since my last ultrasound in January 2014, my fibroids have doubled in size!

I did some research online and discovered that fiborids feed off estrogen. Those birth control pills more than likely supercharged these damn fibroids!


Oh Lawd! I gotta clutch my imaginary pearls for this one!

I had a pre-op appointment scheduled last week but I was so nervous that I locked my keys in my car and missed my appointment. Now I have to wait until the January 8th–2 days after my 36th birthday–to discuss surgical options. Hopefully my iron levels are high enough to get this surgery over and done with before the spring semester starts.

Anywho, poetry books comfort me so!  If any of you would like to send me books to read as I recover from my upcoming surgery, please take a looky look at my Amazon Wishlist.  No pressure.  I’m not too proud to receive used copies y’all.

These Damn Fibroids

If you recall about 3 years I went to the gynecologist and found out I had fibroids after a few years of irregular and heavy menstrual cycles.  For the past couple of years my cycle has gotten worse. Although it comes regularly now, it’s much heavier, 7-12 days long, and extremely painful. There are times that I cannot get out of bed. I have to wear two overnight pads and change them every 2-3 hours. I pass blood clots that are the size of plums. I have nagging pelvic pain every single day. My stomach feels full as hell even when I’m hungry as hell. I have back pain. I’m anemic and but still feel weak half the time even though my prescribed dose has been doubled. It’s excruciating y’all.


Up to 10 hours? Yeah for normal va jay jays!

So I tried to get another opinion. She prescribed me birth control. At our last appointment in March she basically fat shamed me and said that I if didn’t lose weight I would have to find another provider. So I decided to get a third opinion and leave her because, yeah, she’s a bitch.

Third doctor tried to discourage surgery this past summer. She said that they may come back and that they may need to take out my uterus. So she prescribed birth control for the pain and to lessen the flow. But here’s the thing…I would like to conceive someday. I can’t stay on birth control forever. I also tend to forget to take them sometimes. She also requested a trans-vaginal ultrasound but the hospital didn’t take my damn insurance. Sigh.

I started to feel hopeless but sought out a fourth opinion anyway. This past Monday I went to see someone new about my fibroids. I’ve had enough. I expressed my concerns to the gynecologist and for the first time I felt like someone was listening to me! We discussed options, invasive and non-invasive. He also did blood work to check my blood count. He also examined my uterus. I began to scream out in pain.

“Yeah, you’re going to need surgery. You have a 18 to 20 week uterus,”he said as he felt around.

“Are you serious?????!!!!!”

None of the previous doctors gave me such information. Here’s an illustration I snagged from in case you need a visual. I know I did!


The normal size of a non-pregnant uterus is the size of upside pear or about 7cm. So an 18-20 week pregnancy is close to the belly button and it’s about 18-20 centimeters. So I’m basically about 5 months pregnant with fibroids instead of a baby. After he examined me, I can still feel where he’s been a few days later. I have pain from my belly button down to my pelvis. My shortness of breath has worsen.

I’m having a trans-vaginal ultrasound this Friday. Once he gets back the results, we are going to have a more in-depth discussion about options next week.

Although surgery scares me, I’m just glad that someone finally took my concerns seriously. Took 3 damn years though! I hope I don’t need a hysterectomy.