My name is Nisha aka K.Y.  I’m an introverted writer who resides in Houston, TX.

I can’t pinpoint what this little ole blog is about. I initially started this blog to document my celibacy and past dating experiences. I reneged on that. In time I began opening up about trauma, mental illness, and random stuff in between.

I recently self-published a poetry and prose collection The Chaos of Longing. If you enjoy my writing. you may also enjoy my poetry. Check out kyrobinson.net for excerpts and book giveaway dates.


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there! Little late but thanks for liking my post. Been browsing through your posts and I LOVE your raw honesty! I have Bipolar Disorder 2 with intense manic hypersexuality. Something I’m working on controlling so I don’t fuck up my marriage -_-. I can relate to the intensity you feel. It’s strong isn’t it? Well I’m leaving myself anonymous as possible but it’s so nice to find another sista with BD blogging (I’m half black, half white {my mom is Jamaican}). Only you know that right now ;-). Hope to hear more about your adventures. Keep posting!

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