Drunk Calling & Sleep Talking

I know that you guys have heard of drunk texting and drunk calling but have you ever heard of sleep talking? It’s when you are talking in your sleep, on the phone or any other setting but you’re not fully conscious that you’re doing so. I never thought that such a thing could ever happen to me. I’m more of a drunk texting type of chick.

In the wee hours of the morning, Lawyer called me up again. He lost a case earlier that day, was drinking and couldn’t sleep. He told me about his recent move to another city and that he missed me. He also said that I should have been his wife. He wanted to know if I was his. He was saying and asking me so many things that I couldn’t even keep up. All I could muster in my sleep induced stupor were one word responses like “yeah”, “really”, “ok”. This may be seem unbelievable but the conversation didn’t seem real to me and I didn’t take it seriously. He was all over the place. Did he drunk call me?

He then asked if he could have me one last time. I declined—initially. He started saying things that excited me and things got very heated. We end up having phone sex. And it wasn’t the, “It’s 1:30am I can’t be too loud because of the neighbors” phone sex. It was the “I don’t give a damn who hears me” phone sex. After things simmered down, he told me to call him later that morning. Some time later, I went to the bathroom and noticed that my phone was in my hand—which seemed very odd. I began to wonder if the call was actually real. I looked at the call log and saw that we talked for over 30 minutes!

After coming to that realization, I cried. I don’t know why but I did. Why did I cry? Did I cry because I felt foolish? Did a part of me believed the things he told me? Did I regret not seeing him before he left town?

I didn’t return his call.


9 thoughts on “Drunk Calling & Sleep Talking

  1. You called someone other name? Oh wow! It’s crazy how I remember everything but it somehow felt like a 5min dream and we were talking for over 30mins! LOL!

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