Newest Resident on Writer’s Block

I have been MIA. This I know for my writer’s block tells me so. I have been a good girl. I have abstained from sex and stop conversing with assholes. I just have been at a lot lost of words lately. I don’t know where they went y’all. Someone please contact the local authorities! My writer’s block usually passes after awhile but I have been plagued by it for weeks on end. And when I don’t write, I feel a little useless and when I feel useless, I get depressed. Sigh.

I am feeling a bit uninspired but yet inspired to start another blog…well…maybe start a new blog. It has been on my mind lately to start a natural hair blog. But then again, everyone and their mama have one. They are basically are about the same thing—natural hair care regimens, styles, accessories, product reviews and/or pictures. How does one stand out in the sea of sameness? I would not mind getting free products to review though. Sounds like a broke girl’s dream!

I don’t want the new blog to be about the same ole thing. I want it to be different but yet relatable. I also want it to be candid and with a touch of humor like this blog. One of followers on Twitter suggested that perhaps the blog could discuss the history of natural hair and its perception. Sounds like an interesting idea. Hmm. Once this blockage pass, maybe I can feel more productive.


2 thoughts on “Newest Resident on Writer’s Block

  1. Maybe something is in the air cause I was having writer’s block for a minute too. And it was annoying but sometimes, we, writers, have to just stop writing and start living and eventually life brings more stuff to write about so it’s all good.

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