Randomness: Frank Ocean Comes Out the Closet

Welcome to another edition of randomness. This is where I discuss a topic that is completely unrelated to blabbing about me, me and more me.

Beyonce's Inspiring Words to Frank Ocean

Kudos to Beyoncé. Found this on her website.

If you have been living under a rock, something very rare and significant occurred in the R&B and hip-hop community earlier this week. Frank Ocean, an up and coming R&B singer/songwriter and member of the hip-hop collective Odd Future admitted to being bisexual on his tmblr page. Why is this so important? Why is this so rare? Why am I even blogging about it?

For one, rap music (for the most part) is known for the promotion of homophobia, hyper-masculinity, violence, braggadocio, and the over-sexualized image of the Black woman. Admitting that he was bisexual defies the very essence of the rap and hip-hop. It is oil and water. It is fire and ice. And you know what? I LOVE IT! Something like this needed to happen!

Secondly, in the African-American community, there are too many stigmas. There are certain things that we do not care or want to discuss. My community (for the most part) tends to avoid topics such as homosexuality, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, and a few other things. We either suggest such matters be taken to Jesus, react in disgust or become ignorantly close-minded about it. Not that there’s anything wrong with taking anything to a higher power but there must be further dialogue about these issues. These topics should not be ignored or frowned upon simply because they make people uncomfortable or it’s not their cup of tea. You do not have to drink the damn tea but at least be respectful and tolerant about it.

As a LGBT supporter, I am quite proud of him but I am also afraid. Will other hip-hop artists shun him now? His collaboration with Nas suddenly got lost in the shuffle. (Or perhaps it’s just a coincidence.) Will this actually break barriers? Will he become the pun of future homophobic lyrics? Will the slang term “No homo” convert to “No Frank O”? I have yet seen the drumming of support from the R&B and hip-hop community as a whole except a few notable people sprinkled here and there (Ocean’s band mate, Russell Simmons, Solange, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, etc). Hello! It’s 2012. Get with the program!

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