Randomness: Vent & Reader’s Questions

Well, it seems like I’ve been missing in action. This is true. I’ve been going through the ringer my friends. And how do I deal with such stress? I run and hide like a lil’ bitch.

On top of that, my car was stolen. Yes. Some idiot stole my car! Wow. I must have missed the memo that said that 1996 Honda Accords were suddenly all the rage and a must have steal.

It happened a few days after I met the guy from OkCupid. Seeing him has been a challenge since then because he also doesn’t have a vehicle. Sigh. I’m not in the position to save or lease another car right now because everything goes to bills. Double sigh. Enough with the sighing and venting…

From time to time, I get questions about The Ones I discuss on this blog. I guess I can take the time to answer them now since I apparently have nothing else to talk about.

1. What ever happened to Soothe? Soothe and I still chat from time to time. He’s still with the chick he met last summer that he kicked me to the curb for. He told me earlier this year that she was the one.

2. Are you still messing around with Lied? Nope. I haven’t seen him late Feburary but that doesn’t stop him from trying to see me again aka bump uglies. I’m over the back and forth with him anyway. It never has or will go anywhere. Should’ve learnt that lesson in 2002.

3. Have you talked to or seen Text? No. From what I gathered, he is definitely back with his ex and may have gotten someone pregnant during their separation. Thank goodness it wasn’t me! Good luck to her. She’s gonna need it.


3 thoughts on “Randomness: Vent & Reader’s Questions

  1. I hope my car does turn up. I still find it crazy that someone would want to steal it from all the later model and new cars at my apartment complex. I don’t know what I was smoking when I was messing with Text. Could someone please bitch slap me? LOL!

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