In Other News…

This is going to come to a shock to most of you. Hell, it has even shocked me. It came out of nowhere!

I have a boyfriend.

Tengo un novio.

J’ai un petit ami.

Squeals! I’m excited but I’m also on edge. I haven’t been in a relationship since 2006 which was with The One Who Had Potential. My jealousy tried to run rampant for a moment in this fresh relationship and he had to pull me back from it. I think that I dove in so hard that I was not aware of what I was saying or doing. I will work on that. My jealousy was a major problem in my relationship with The One Who Lied. I don’t want my jealousy to push him away.

I honestly never saw this in the cards for us but it was always in the back of my mind. He asked me today about why I never gave him a chance when he chased me. And I had to tell him the truth. I distanced myself from him because I wasn’t too sure about his intentions and felt like I couldn’t take him seriously. I thought it was just a sexual thing. I didn’t want to get hurt. If he would have told me that he truly wanted to be with me, I would have given him a chance. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. But maybe there was a reason why we starved.

I decided to let down some of my guard and let him in.  It was once a running joke with my bestie that he and I would get married someday. I found the notion hilarious. But as of now, she is not too thrilled about us being an item. She’s afraid that I am going to get hurt. She thinks that I shouldn’t have developed any feelings for him and just use him for sex. Love is a gamble and hell, it’s been 6 years! A sista is hella tired of the single life and strings of casual relationships.

I don’t know what name to give him just yet. He definitely needs a new name. Yes, he is one of The One’s but I won’t say who it is for now. I want to give him a fair chance. I believe in second chances.



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