We’re Officially Done

These past few days have been heartbreaking for me. I try to pretend that I’m ok but I’m not. Text and I are officially done. I know I have said this plenty of times recently but he crossed the line. I don’t think we can come back from this.

To make a long story short, he messaged one of my closest friends via Facebook. He asked her phone number. She was a true friend for telling me. She knows the intensity of my feelings for him and she could have easily keep such information to herself to save me from heartache. When she told me, I was in utter shock. I couldn’t believe it. He knows that she is aware about the specifics of our relationship. How could he do such a thing to me? He told me that he would never hurt me. He told me that he would always be there for me. But his actions showed me something completely different.

He texted me throughout that day and I did not respond until the next morning. He wanted to know why I was ignoring him and wanted to know if I was through with him. He acted as if he did not know what was wrong. I had to explain to him about why I was upset which hurt me even more. That proved to me that he did not even consider my feelings when he decided to message her.

He told me that he was just playing around with her and that I shouldn’t assume anything. He even went on to say that he bullsh*t around on Facebook to kill time. That statement further told me that he probably messages other women all the time. I don’t have problems with him (or anyone) wasting time on Facebook but he could have done that without flirting with one of closest friends. He could have easily chose someone else from his friend’s list.

He went on to tell a specific lie I won’t discuss on this blog and that lie made me even more livid. And worst of all, he did not even apologize for his actions. He said that I was going to regret letting him go. I have no regrets. Best believe, he will regret it before I ever will. I have been honest, attentive, kind, submissive, and understanding towards him. I let him in. He could never say that I somehow betrayed or mistreated him. I feel so embarrassed, betrayed, and hurt.

I’m done.

We’re done.



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