Pregnancy Scare

About a month ago, I slept with Text. Why? I did so out of sheer curiosity and not attraction. A big no no. I also needed a brief
distraction from Soothed. Another big no no. He seems to getting serious with his new girlfriend. They’re joined at the hip most of his free time. I wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually moved in. Anywho… the sex was good but it wasn’t enough to make me want to have a second go at it. After all, I wasn’t attracted to him. He became an absolute pest. He would text me every morning wanting to get it on again. He became so irritating and too assessable. Now I see why guys don’t like easy chicks.

I had just about enough of him and told him that his persistence was a turnoff and that he needed to limit his text messages—they become suffocating. He in turn, starts texting my best friend. Yeah, he went there. He even asked her to come over. I think he did it because he knew that she would tell me. Maybe he hoped that I got jealous. Of course she didn’t go over.

Let’s fast forward to the present. The past two weeks, I have been feeling sick to my stomach. My stomach has been feeling sour and my throat
felt acidic. I tried every over the counter imaginable and nothing helped. My sister suggested that I buy a home pregnancy test. The test was negative! I am so relieved. I didn’t want to become another statistic. I still need to go to the doctor though. Something weird is definitely going on.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Scare

  1. Well first I have to say unfortunately i know exactly where you’re coming from by being with a guy just to get over the other one because I recently did the same thing and when it all boils over I just didn’t quite feel good about doing it. I don’t want to have meaningless sex anymore.

    Anyway, on another note I must say I’m glad you aren’t pregnant in a situation like that. What could possibly be going on is your nerves bothering you but best to be safe and ask a Dr.

    Outside of all of that I am not your mother and I’m sure you’ve already pointed out the obvious to yourself but since you’ve been sharing your life so freely I feel it’s my duty to be just as freely honest with you and say you know better than to be having unprotected sex with this man. He’s not even a potential mate so that’s a no-no. And just imagine IF you were to create a child in this situation…that just wouldn’t be good so just try to be a bit more cautious.

    Take care!

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