Tempted by White Chocolate

Well, I’ve had an interesting evening. This was my second evening seeing The One Who Soothed Me. Some of you may remember him from the “Why Was I Jealous?” post. The first day was really laid back. We watched a sci-fi DVD for a while. It wasn’t really my thing but I went along with it. It turned out to be interesting and surprisingly bearable. We watched The Boondocks on DVD afterwards. Then we watched a music video that we couldn’t understand on Youtube. It was an Indian song named “Tanuk Tanuk Tun”. And we did the choreography! It was hilarious! We couldn’t stop laughing.

He kept rubbing on my knee and upper thigh and slowly tried to seek my left nipple. Of course I stopped him. We parted way a few hours later and hugged. He proceeded to kiss me on my neck. And Erykah Badu’s “Hesi” song starts playing in my head.

“I want somebody to walk up behind me  
And kiss me on my neck and breathe on my neck
I want somebody to walk up behind me
And kiss me on my neck and breathe on my neck…”

Yeeeeeeessssssssss! I know what you mean Erykah! I got horny and dashed out of his apartment!

Tonight, we watched Tron I and II. Again, really wasn’t my thing but I watched it with him anyway. I’m a good sport. The first one movie old as hell (I was 2 when it was made). And it was on the lame side and somewhat confusing. Tron Legacy’s storyline and graphics were better. I took it all in stride because I liked hanging out with him. His baby blues weren’t so bad to look at either.

He made a hint that we should get naked and I told that I was still celibate. He wanted to know why. I told him that I was tired strings of casual and meaningless relationships. He said that if I enjoyed being sexual, I should give in to the feeling. During Tron Legacy, he started feeling me up. I didn’t stop him. Oops. My bad. I think I wanted his hands to explore but not too much. He kissed me deeply. Then he attacked my boobs and went barbaric on them. It was so hot! He couldn’t compose himself. The biting and sucking was so intense! I just knew my panties were going to drop in any second!

We began to watch the movie and it would happen—again! I haven’t felt that way in a very long time. A part of me didn’t want him to stop but I knew I had to. He kept taking my hand and putting it on his manhood but I would switch direction and rub his thigh instead. That must have irritated him. LOL! Because I knew if I rubbed it, he would pull it out. If he pulled it out, he probably would want me to slob on his knob or put in my dookie shoot. He loves anal like a fat kid loves cake!!!

I left after the second movie ended and we embraced. Then the neck kissing began. And that damn song played in my head again! If he would have bitten my neck, I would have to rename this blog! Whew! I don’t think I’m going back over there anytime soon. But it was exhilarating and oh so naughty!


5 thoughts on “Tempted by White Chocolate

  1. Yes. I thought I was going to lose it! I’ve always had the people pleasing personality too. I think being on my cycle saved me for the most part. I don’t know what could of happened if I wasn’t lol. But I did feel a sense of control. It made me feel powerful! 🙂

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