My (Slightly Negative but Not Really) Royal Wedding Thoughts

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Yes, this is yet another Royal Wedding post on the blogosphere. I know that everybody and their mama are blogging about the Royal Wedding but I had to chime in my own special “slighty negative but not really” type of way.

1. I got a little teary eyed when I saw Princess Katherine getting into the car in her wedding dress. She looked breathtakingly beautiful! It was a fairytale moment and I was waiting for a Disney song to crescendo in the background.

2. The wedding dress was beautiful and divine but I expected a more elaborate train. Was I the only one who thought that Kate was losing all that weight to fit into Princess Diana’s dress? That would have been the tear-jerker moment of the century!

3. Prince William looked dashing (a man in uniform is so sexy to me) but my eyes kept glazing over to his bald spot. Dude needs to either shave or cut his hair down a little closer. I don’t want him doing the infamous Donald Trump comb over in the next 5 years. Ew! No! He’s too sexy for that!

4. The walk down the aisle looked devastatingly long to me. I would have told the Prince to meet me halfway like the Black Eyed Peas. What about a Segway, sedan chair, or a horse ride down the aisle?

Sedan Chair


5. Prince William and Princess Katherine looked so reserved and a bit nervous at the altar. I thought they would have been beaming or at least teary eyed.

6. The music! It has been a while since I stepped foot inside of a church but that music, although very soothing and peaceful, made me want to fall asleep and become baptized in my drool. My apologies to the Most High but it’s true.

7. I wanted something interesting to happen during the ceremony. I don’t know why but I was waiting to hear, “Get yo’ hand out my pocket!” The wedding needed some level of excitement!

8. The Black people! Tell me way the Black people seem to be sitting in the same general area. I hope that they were from the same family because if they weren’t—The Royals got some ‘plaining to do! Well, at least they weren’t sitting in the back of the bus—oops I meant church.

9. The carriage was the icing on the fairytale cake! Why did the Prince sit down before the Princess? I know that he must have more manners than that. Or maybe it was a cultural thing. I have no idea but I found it ungentlemanly as an American.

10. The first royal kiss sucked! It felt like a “um…let’s get this over” kiss. The second was more realistic and romantic although I wished that there were some tongue action or face caressing involved.

I am glad the hoopla is over but it was fun watching history unfold before my eyes. It was also good to escape my 5 a.m. reality aka sleep for a while and take part in theirs. I hope they have a loving and everlasting marriage. Be fruitful and multiple!

I can’t wait to meet my prince someday. What are your thoughts on the Royal Wedding?


2 thoughts on “My (Slightly Negative but Not Really) Royal Wedding Thoughts

  1. Hi there! Glad to know you!

    I didn’t watch initially, but I thought The Kiss was bland to say the least, and the second was a concession to the first’s being bland. Both of those kisses were dry.

    But I would bet big money that the real action has already happened years ago with those two. And all that will happen on the honeymoon is blessed and blissful sleep! HA!

    Those hats were the show stopper for me!

  2. I forgot to mention those hats. Yeah, they were definitely the show stopper for me too. Beatrice’s hat was quite unique. Another show stopper–the bridesmaid’s booty! Pippa Middleton has some junk in that trunk!

    Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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