Selectively Celibate?

Oh, how I would love to be that water & lick that man dry!

Is it possible to be selectively celibate? Is there a certain person (e.g. celebrity, ex-flame/fling) that you would ditch your celibacy for? What if Idris Elba wanted those panties? George Clooney? That green-eyed doctor from Grey’s Anatomy? Brad Pitt? Could you refuse those hotties? What if it was with someone more realistic? Could you possibly tear yourself away? Could you resist such temptation?

I was talking to a friend the other day and we discussed the possibility of my seeing an old friend soon. She told me that once I saw him in person again, I would “give him the booty.” Of course, I told her no and I would like to think that I wouldn’t. 

But what if I caught a whiff of his scent? Gosh, I wish someone could just bottle his scent so I can smear it all over me! What if he does that thing where he traces his fingernails along my skin? That used to drive me wild! What if he said just the right words? Gosh, he’s such a wordsmith and I find that so sexy. I really hate to say this but he could be my ultimate weakness. He’s that piece of cake that this chubby chick has to get a slice of! I’m afraid that I would throw the va jay jay through every panty leg!

But then again, I made it this far. And I have control over my body and hormones. I can’t possibly be that weak. Or am I?

I’ve come across a few posts on the blogosphere in which celibacy journeys were derailed due to a moment of passion that could not be resisted. Some felt as though it was liberating. I ran across a blog post in which she expressed regret. If I decided to give in, would I feel liberated or sorry?

Is there a specific person that you would ditch your celibacy for? Would it be worth it?


8 thoughts on “Selectively Celibate?

  1. OK! Now that I’ve taken my eyes off of Idris and read your post I say STAY AWAY!!!

    It is so hard not to fall when that one special man is face to face with you. That’s how I fell off. I was doing good even just talking to him but then he wanted to see me and of course I could only refuse so many times. 🙂 In the end it was time well spent BUT I did feel bad about caving on my celibacy.

    All-in-all keep it real with yourself! You know deep down if you will cave or not. 😉

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