He’s So Cute!

I’m in the library. There is the guy—the type of guys I love to adore (slender, tall, long flowing dreadlocks, bohemian, and artistic). I saw him last week in the library but he didn’t notice me. Just now, he stood at an awkward angle to check me out. He stood and read a magazine for about 15 minutes. I glanced at him when he wasn’t looking. I caught him looking at me through my peripheral vision  when he thought I wasn’t noticing. 

He just walked away and as he left, our eyes met. I blushed and turned away. I felt like a schoolgirl! We only glanced at each other for a few seconds but it felt like an eternity. Gosh. I haven’t felt like that since “The One Who Didn’t Feel the Same”. Wow. I’m not going to say anything to him. I am almost always the aggressor. If he wants me, he will chase me. But what a feeling! It gave me such a rush! It made me feel young again.


3 thoughts on “He’s So Cute!

  1. Gurrrrl the pheromones where in FULL EFFECT! Sounds like he may have been intimidated by you and your beauty. I would have smiled and maintained the eye contact (that would let him know you’re interested for sure!) But if he didn’t speak up after that ‘humble’ attempt, then his loss! Hey, if it were meant to be then you’ll most certainly see him again! I’m sure…

  2. LOL. I think he was a slightly imtimidated or nervous because he almost tripped as he walked away. I don’t know why I acted so shy. I guess it’s been a while since a man looked into my eyes and not directly at my breasts. LOL!

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