Romantic Hookups

I hate romantic hookups. There, I said it. Why? Because it doesn’t feel organic to me. It should feel like the universe in all her glory synched and glued us together. It should feel damn near cosmic. Besides, I rather my mate to find me. Men are hunters. It’s in their DNA to find their way. There should be no woman in between working behind the scenes in getting us together (unless it‘s a professional matchmaker). A matchmaker will not just match people up randomly  just because they’re both single. There are other things to consider such as chemistry, values, personality traits, attraction, etc.

From my experience, people usually hook you up with someone they would never date. Case in point, a friend hooked me up with someone she wanted to get off her back. He liked her a lot but she didn’t feel the same. So her brilliant idea was to give him to me. He in turn, pursued me. I soon found out that he had severe mental issues. He tried to kill himself twice and talked about suicide all the time. He was insecure and obsessive. I broke it off with him but he tried to no avail to renew our relationship. It was the worst experience ever! I also had another hookup experience and I was rejected. He found me boring and that’s understandable because I found him to be ghetto.

Recently, I also tried to hook a friend up with someone I would never date. There is a guy I know who wants to be in a serious relationship. He pursued me years prior but we did not have much in common. Also, my vagina did not tingle when I was around him. I told my friend about him but she didn’t find him attractive either. But I thought he would be ideal for her. He was a devout Christian, a pushover (because she’s bossy and likes to be in charge), sweet, and had his life together.

I just saw on Facebook that my friend offered me to someone. WTF? She knows that I detest hookups. She tries it every once in a while but the answer is always the same, “No. I hate hookups.” I HATE HOOKUPS!


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