The Night Stalker (film)

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I can officially say this without any doubt– I have a stalker. I’ve been so oblivious. We’re going to call him The One Who Creeps Me Out. He has been stalking me for the past several years. Throughout our high school years, he constantly reminded me of how he liked me and wanted to be with me. But I did not feel the same way. I just chalked it up to a crush. Every since we graduated in 1998, he shows up at my mother’s house sporadically and uninvited. I’ve reminded him in a friendly way to always call before he shows up. Did he listen? No.

I moved out in 2005 and he didn’t know where I lived and I should have kept it that way. I told him where I stayed never thinking he would actually come to the opposite side of town to see me. He came over sometime in 2007 and we had sex. It was more of pity sex on my part. I felt sorry for him. I also felt lonely and needed to feel desired. I have regretted the incident ever since.

For the past three years, this dude has been coming around more uninvited. There were times when I would pretend that I wasn’t home when he knocked. The visits stopped for a while and I was relieved. I made a mistake by revealing on social networking site that I was visiting my mother. He showed up a few hours later.  Earlier this year, my brother was injured  and I stayed at my mother’s house to assist her with him. At this point of time, I didn’t know that he was passing by her house. He came over. I told my mother to say I wasn’t there. I became more observant. I would see his truck pass by on a regular basis.

He came over a few weeks later. I decided to see him because my mother was getting annoyed by his visits. We talked for a few minutes. He brought up several details that he would have not known unless he was watching me. He also said that he was in love with me. He reiterated that we had sex once as I didn‘t remember. I kindly told him that I did not see him in a romantic light and that I was celibate now. He then made a joke about his weight gain and wanted me to feel his man boob to verify it. I innocently did, clearly thinking nothing of it. This negro in turn, grabbed one of my breasts. I was livid. He apologized and then proceeded to rub his dick against me. He was excused moments later.

I called him after I cooled down and left him the following voice message: “Do not come over to my mother’s house ever again. You are no longer invited. Do not drive down her street. Don’t come to my apartment. Sorry isn’t enough. You disrespected me and I don’t want to see or speak to you again.” I thought this was finally my way out. Boy I was wrong.

I moved out my mother’s house nearly 3 weeks ago. Guess who knocks on my door yesterday? Yeah. Him. I thought it was the maintenance man because my bathtub leaked into the downstairs apartment the previous day. I heard his voice outside my door and I cringed. I didn’t open the door. He pleaded with me outside to have our friendship back and that I couldn’t get rid of him that easily. There were bouts of silence–mostly on my part. I told him that I was busy and that I would call him later so he would leave. He said goodbye angrily and left. I never called.

I have been nice this whole time. I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I feel this is getting out of control. He should have respected my wishes and left me alone. I’ve never led him on. I never promised him anything. I fucked up and slept with him once but that was years ago. I don’t know what to do. He is not a bad person but he is really freaking me out.


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