On Being A Mother…Someday

Joy of holding a baby's hand

Mother’s Day…um…why does everyone assume I’m a mother? I received a few “Happy Mother’s Day” texts and comments from random people. Does a person naturally assume since I’m in my 30s or have ginormous boobies that I’m somehow a mother? Or was it said to mock me or to spring my ovaries into action? Was it an innocent mistake(s)?

This following incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I went to the store in my mother’s neighborhood. There was a man in his late 50s sitting out front. He wished me a belated Happy Mother’s Day. I said that I wasn’t a mother. It perturbed me because he knew for a fact that I didn’t have kids.  He murmured, “I can change that.” I pretended that I didn’t hear him as I entered the store.

As I left the store, he called out to me and said, “I got someone for you. He can make you a mother.” My jaw dropped. WTF?! Did this dude just pimped me out? The guy, maybe in his 30s, was seriously going along with it. All I could do was laugh. I was so embarrassed. I sped away from the store.

But I do wonder if I’ll ever become a mother. I’m 30. In 10 years, I’ll be 40. Although I am grateful for not having kids during the unstable relationships I’ve been in, I sometimes wonder what it would be like.  I know several single mothers. Although it’s hard raising kids at times, they say they wouldn’t change it for the world. Then there are people who wouldn’t dare bring a child into the world without being in a committed relationship. What situation would be ideal for me? The very idea of being a mother (someday) scares me but also over joys me.

But until my financial situation improves (and several other things), I’ll just love on my niece and nephew until then.


2 thoughts on “On Being A Mother…Someday

  1. take it from a single mother….you don’t want to bring a child in the world in an unstable enviroment. I love my baby more than life itself. but the next time i procreate, i will have a ring first. it’s hard is a vast understatement. the child needs the balance of masculine and feminine energy. and trust me you will benefit from the support of a loyal, loving spouse. so when your hormones are balancing and you haven’t slept in six months, life won’t seem so overwhelming. trust me; i’m yet praying for my husband to appear!

  2. You are right. Hard in an extreme understatement. I’ve taken a step back to re-evaulate and see the instabilty inside and around me. Most of my friends are single mothers and most of the fathers aren’t present and it’s heartbreaking. My nephew asks about his father all the time. They even asked their mother recently if he loves them anymore. It’s so sad.

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