Nice Guys

Why don’t women want nice guys? I’ve known nice guys but they never seem to excite me. Since I do believe in equal opportunity, I’ve given most men a chance.

The nice guys I have come across are the following: needy, obsessive, bad in bed, passive, extremely conventional and/or religious. The nice guys I’ve known called and/or texted too much, wanted to cuddle all the time, cried or pitched a hissy fits, and wanted to consume all my time. I hate to say that but it’s true.

I’ve known at least 3 nice guys who wanted to commit to me and make me happy. It just seemed too simple. I guess along the way I believed that love was worth fighting tooth and nail for- even if the other party didn’t reciprocate. I wanted to feel alive. I wanted it to be messy, passionate, and stimulating.

Nice guys get such a bad rep. It’s seems like the bad boys get away with damn near anything. When a bad guy hurts us, what is one the first thing we do? We go straight to our girlfriends or the nice guy to vent and get perspective. And time and time again he would probably say, “If I was your boyfriend, I would never do that to you.” But do we listen? No. We can’t seem to get the bad boy off our minds.

But being a nice gal, I’ve noticed many things too. I’ve been told that I’m too nice before. I’ve been a pushover and a bit obsessive at times (ok, 3 different times). But I had one thing in my corner- I had that good good aka that sexual napalm. And I have speckles of crazy in me so I wasn’t always 100% nice.

All jokes aside, I personally don’t want a bad guy per se. I want a nice guy dashed with a lil’ firecracker. Someone who is intellectual and can make my toes curl. Someone who is unconventional like me so our point of views aren’t oil and water. If I can get another version of me with a nice penis, all would be good.


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