Pressed Against Passion

I am pressed against passion and infinitely aching and craving. I feel like I am going to go crazy. I want to call him. I want to tell him that I want to be consumed by him. I want to feel like a woman that I once knew. This fire is still burning in me and it needs to be quenched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But then again, I don’t want to call him or him or that other him. (Hey, a girl can have choices.) I want a new him. A new man. It would be new and exciting. The unknown about him is sexy. The way I imagine him kissing me would be sexy. They way he would conjure the beast (yeah, I said beast) inside of me is sexy.

But wait a minute? Would this be backtracking  for me? Shouldn’t I be strong and rise above from meaningless sexual relationships and/or one night stands? Yeah, one could suppose.

This is honestly killing me. I went to a Kem concert last week and while his was gave his testimony on how God was good, I stared at his crouch and wondered how good it was. I saw this half naked man going for a run and nearly broke my neck looking at him. I smelled some dude when he didn’t notice it. I got my car inspection sticker and imagined that the always shy and soft spoken mechanic would whisper dirty things in my ear and unleash his freak nastiness upon me. The “Sex Therapy” video/song by Robin Thicke gets me excited. Eating a banana. Everything is reminding me of how horny I am.

Masturbation is great. The toys are great. I know how to get my rocks off perfectly. But it’s just something about a strong, well endowed, and sexually aggressive man making my toes curl and making me scream out his name disregarding the neighbors and releasing my inhibitions. Sweat. Pinned down. Begging for him to stop but not really meaning it. Getting bitten softly all over my body. Vice versa. Taking him into my mouth. Vice versa. Getting spanked. Sucking my toes. Orgasm after orgasm…

Um…anywho…whew! I had to let that out! I’m off to take a cold shower and get into my bed!


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