Break Ups, Revenge, Etc.

This is the following text a friend sent me: “ I need positive love or male attention to bring my self esteem up.” I replied, “You don’t need male attention. You want it but you don’t need it. ..It’s healthy to crave male attention but don’t let it get to the point that any type of attention will do.”

 She was always the strong one. The one no one could break into pieces. That one that didn’t need a man. She was in a relationship that ended badly recently. He lied, cheated, and has moved on with his life. She has a picture in her head of him and the new chick living a happy life together and she will remain lonely and sad. I understand that. My ex cheated and the thoughts of him and the other chick riding in the sunset together consumed me. I couldn’t go on with my life. But eventually I realized that he moved on with his life and has given no thought to me. This obsession left me broken.

She also thinks that revenge will make her feel better. Yes, revenge feels good but it doesn’t really change things. I sought revenge on this particular ex and it only made matters worse for me- legally! Sometimes revenge isn’t so sweet.

Sometimes when you are hurt, you want anything to make it feel better. I used sex to make me feel better. I had series of sexual relationships to temporarily fill the void. When the hole returned, I used food to consume it. Even though I am celibate now, I am still dealing with the emotional eating. It’s a daily struggle.

I hope that her heart heals soon. I really hate seeing her this way. I’m not accustomed to seeing her miserable.


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