I Want to be Kissed

I want to be kissed. I want to be kissed into losing all my inhibitions. I want to be kissed hard. I want to be pressed against the wall of my passion and unable to move. I want to be kissed like Dr. Hunt does Dr. Yang on Grey’s Anatomy. Have you see those two kissing? It’s so passionate and rough. OMG!

My last kiss like that was years ago. It was with someone I did not know but somehow lost control with. We start kissing and couldn’t stop. He lifted me and threw me on a table! It was the only and last intensely passionate moment I’ve ever had. It was uncontrollable. Raw. Messy. Impulsive. I lost myself in it. It was one the most beautiful mistakes I’ve ever made.

I’m still in search of kisses like that. I’ve tried recapture that moment several times. I had a similar moment since then but not as intense. I had a brief torrid affair with someone who lived in my apartments. He entered my apartment, kissed me, lifted me and pushed me against the wall. It was so hot! And the sex was amazing! He wants to rekindle our affair but he’s has nothing to offer me (being a married man and all). That’s another story…


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